What is Telestation Alpha?

All we know about Telestation Alpha is that it’s one of the last and very secret number stations. It was built in the 1970s. No one knows what the purpose of the station is – other than it is probably part of a secret organization, Trianngle9, that may have survived the cold war.


We know about this because we received an old suitcase full of tapes from a source.

We have released the first part of them. Soon we will release the second. We hope that someone can help regarding the purpose and meaning of the recordings.



 What does it sounds like?

All sounds come from analog synthesizers. No software instruments have been used. Everything is played and created live. The inspiration comes from electronic music pioneers like Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, Survive and Kraftwerk.


The genre is in the area of Berlin School of Electronic Music.




 But who is Telestation Alpha?

Two theories: either this comes from the cold war in the 70s – or it’s a product of Martin Ahm’s and Ste-Phan's imagination…no one really knows for sure.

Ste-Phan - we don't know much about him. He prefers to not use his real name or reveal his identity.


Martin also releases music under the name Code Elektro (Iceberg Records/Lakeshore) - and The Deep Ambience.



If you know something, please contact us here right away.

Disclaimer: Strictly confidential and this cannot be confirmed officially.

This is an Ahmatron Audio Drama Production (MMXI)

Telestation Alpha

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"Telestation Alpha brings you directly into alien environments on its track “Underwater Creatures.”...

"The song articulates the draw of the unknown and the possibility of discovery of worlds and unhitherto unknown geographies and, with any luck, civilizations hidden from us by time and space"